New Bluetooth radio barcode scanner Symbol CS 4070 from Zebra (Motorola Solutions unit)

4070   The pocket-sized CS4070 (Symbol) scanner is one of the smallest and lightest devices in its class and is ergonomically designed to be worn on a lanyard around the neck or fit naturally in the hand for all-day comfort, ensuring no-fatigue scanning for even the most scan-intensive applications. The field-replaceable battery also holds enough power for a full 12-hour shift and an LED indicator lets workers know how much charge is left. This radioscanner scans 1D, 2D and PDF417 bar codes printed on paper labels or displayed on mobile phones or computer screens, supporting many different types of applications — from mobile POS in a retail store to real-time ordering in route accounting. Wireless barcode scanner CS 4070 has 512 MB flash- memory and can store more than 1 million scanned codes.